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The Numbers
Total Mail Processing Facilities   461
Studied for Consolidation          264
Approved for Consolidation       223
Still Being Studied                       6
Consolidation Disapproved*        35 

Maryland Senators Urge PMG To Halt AMP Study In Easton, Oppose Closure Of Cumberland Mail Center 2/25/12 (Click Here)

Sen. Carper Statement on USPS Decision to Keep Hares Corner Open 2/29/12

Senator Coons welcomes Postal Service decision to keep Hare’s Corner
 facility open
 (Click Here)

DEDO Director Alan Levin on the decision to keep open the Hares Corner distribution center(2/23/12) Audio File (Click Here)

 Senator Coon's speech about keeping Hares Corner Mail Processing Plant In Delaware from 1/19/2012! Worth Watching Again!!!! (
Click Here)

Easton mail processing could move to Wilmington (Click Here)

WDEL:Hares Corner regional postal facility spared; in fact, it might expand! (Click Here)

Delaware postal facility to remain open (Click Here)

Dover Post:Hares Corner to remain open (Click Here)

WMDT:Delaware postal facility to remain open (Click Here)

Senator Carper's statements on Hares Corner's news (click here)

NEWSWORKS:Delaware's only postal facility spared (Click Here)

Hares Corner survives swing of ax (click here)

BREAKING: USPS decides NOT to close Hare’s Corner mail processing and distribution center (click here)
WDEL: Breaking News!!!! (Click Here) 

Letter to Postmaster Donahoe (click here)

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