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Department of Labor Sues Postal Service 

Over Seattle Whistleblower 2/29/12

Union Urges Affected Workers To Complete NRP Questionnaire


Department of Labor Safety Complaint
Underscores Widespread, Systemic Violations OSHA Violations and fine amounts as of 7/8/2010 Click Here 7/15/10

5/16/2010 Copy of OSHA Violation Click Here

USPS Cited for Third Set
Safety Violations in One Week
Fines Now Total Nearly One Million Dollars

APWU Web News Article 041-2010, May 11, 2010

Click Here


OSHA Cites USPS for ‘Willful’ Safety Violations
Says Agency Knowingly Endangered Employees

APWU Web News Article 037-2010, May 3, 2010

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Mike Nodine <>
Atlanta MAL 32
- Sunday, April 18, 2010 at 20:29:48 (CDT)

The new online only 1769 is pure awesomeness in a most sinister sort of way!

This will definitely make a safer work place on paper as will be proven by the greatly reduced volume of unsafe working condition reports!

Unless an employee has an ACE user ID and has access to an actual ACE computer, he or she can't file no stinking unsafe condition reports! MmmWAAAH-HaHa!!!

Go to

To report an accident using the new Employee Health and Safety Application:
Click Log On, located at top left of Blue home page.
Provide your Ace User ID and Password,
and click Log On.
Once logged on, click My Work.

NLRB Settlement Agreement on Information Concerning DBCS Ergonomic Issues posted 5/4/10

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Latest Safety and Health News

APWU Urges Locals to File OSHA Complaints Over Electrical Hazards

(10/27/09) The APWU has sent a letter to local presidents in regard to electrical hazards related to the Postal Service's failure to comply with OSHA Subpart S Electrical Standards. The letter explains the Union's efforts to force the Postal Service to comply with these standards, and includes a complaint package that contains everything locals need to file OSHA complaints regarding these hazards. The union is urging locals whose members are exposed to these hazards to file complaints with their local OSHA offices.

Click here for a copy of the letter, the complaint package and a fillable OSHA-7 complaint form.

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