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                                                       LOCAL 152 NEWS

Management has reissued their Parking Policy!
It was originally issued in November 15, 2013 and reissued again on November 29, 2016. If you have not received the new policy, ask for a copy from your supervisor! 





                                                              TOP ROW LEFT TO RIGHT......JEFF KEHLERT, JOHN JACKSON JR
                                           BOTTOM ROW LEFT TO RIGHT......ROBERT ROMANOWSKI, KENNETH PRINZ (MOTOR VEHICLE)

On January 24th and 25th of 2015, the officers and shop stewards from the Harrisburg, Lancaster, and Wilmington DE. Local's, all convene at the Lancaster PA union office for an intense weekend of Shop Steward's training. We were very fortunate in having our business agents from the Philadelphia Eastern Region, conduct this training seminar. Clerk Craft Division National Business Agents, Jeff Kehlert, John Jackson Jr, Robert Romanowski and Eastern Region Motor Vehicle Division Business Agent, Kenneth Prinz shared their knowledge with the very large crowd. Many attending this seminar were newly elected officers and shop stewards, however there were some seasoned shop stewards throughout the class.Our NBA's shared with the class, new strategies in the art of writing successful grievances. Everyone received the Pennsylvania Workers Union, Shop Steward Training and Resource Manual and several handouts on areas to make the grievances we file for our membership, the best they could be!

Your membership dues make training seminars like this possible for your officers and stewards to attend. Our purpose is to be able to file the best possible grievance for you, the membership. Policing the contract is a never-ending job and the Wilmington DE. Local wants to be the very best at protecting your rights. A successful Union needs everyone's participation to stay alive! We need eyes and ears on the workroom floor to help us police the contract and protect our futures. A well-informed membership is the very best protection we can have in defending our contract and bylaws of the APWU. The Shop Steward training seminar has given us the necessary tools needed to file successful  grievances whenever contract violations occur. Everyone attending this training seminar walked away with the passion and knowledge in protecting the members of the APWU!!

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