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Rep. Markey calls on USPS to delay closures until Congress can act on postal legislation

Postal Cuts Are Dead Letter in Congress 
How Many Postal Workers Will Consolidations Affect? 3/1/12

Going Anti-Postal: What kind of nation won’t fund a Post Office? 2/29/12

Senator says USPS executives need to make sacrifices too 2/29/12

PRC schedule for advisory opinion on USPS network and delivery standards proposals

APWU: Excessing Rules Dramatically Improved 2/28/12

McGovern questions closing of mail center

Sanders Calls Postal Service Plan ‘Deeply Flawed’ 

USPS Set to Announce Consolidations APWU Continues to Oppose Plan To Slash Service, Jobs, Network 2/22/12

AMP Final Determinations Announcements to be made by USPS on Wednesday  February 22, 2012 !!!!!!!!

The spin doctors examine Post Office financials for Q1: “The patient is a goner”

The People of the United States vs. The U.S. Postal Service 2/21/12

How Post Office Closings Could Increase Economic Inequality 2/21/12

Postal Workers Call For OIG Investigation of Delayed Mail In Maryland 

Three Akron post offices off chopping block 

USPS Plans to Implement Consolidations As Soon As Moratorium Ends 2/15/12 

Senators Seek Changes to Postal Bill 2/15/12

Special Report: Towns go dark with post office closings (A Great Read) 2/14/12

27 Senators Support Saving the Postal Service 2/14/12

NAPUS: Senate Postal Bill Stalled for Now 2.12.12

Portland Postal Action Video 2.11.12

Senator Carper Statement on USPS Financial Losses 2.9.12

The Ed Show with Senator Sanders: The Republicans War On The Postal Workers 2.9.12

A Great Article on "The Dismantling Of The Postal Service". 1.24.12 

The Financial Future Of The USPS (This Article Is From The USPS, So keep that in mind) 2.09.12

Letter From Delaware Politicians about the impact of the closing of the Hares Corner Mail Processing Center   (Word Document)

Postal Workers Have Right To Speak Out On Facility Closures (Bulletin) 1.18.12

Delaware's AMP Study From Public Meeting (Slideshow Presentation from public meeting) 1.19.12

AMP Study From 12/20/11

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